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Aliyah Chupphas prides itself on designing wedding canopies of beauty and grace that give expression to the splendor of marriage. Established by Lexi Margalit in 2011, Aliyah Chupphas has designed bridal canopies for over a hundred weddings, and has become renowned for its unparalleled attention to detail – Lexi oversees each and every chuppah construction so that the final product is exactly as envisaged. Moreover, each of the seven distinct chuppah designs can be customised to suit individual tastes.

Chuppah Designs

Aliyah Chupphas offers seven primary wedding canopy designs, each of which can be customised to suit any concept or inspiration.


simple and flowing.


Sahlav, Hebrew for ‘orchid’, is an elegant canopy with flowing white drapes and a floral top detail featuring orchids, blossoms, roses and willow. R3850.00


Tiferet, Hebrew for ‘splendor’, is a sleek canopy dripping with vertical strands of crystals, and topped with a crown of roses, blossoms, willow and orchids. R3850.00


Hebrew for ‘tranquility’, the Shalva canopy features Willow and branches, with a floral crown or flowers interlaced with the branches. R3850.00


Hebrew for ‘creation’, the Briah canopy’s drapes and flowers exude softness and evoke the glory of nature, and is available in cream or dusty pink. R3850.00

Ein Sof

Hebrew for ‘infinity’, Ein Sof is a deeply symbolic round canopy, topped with floral creams and whites.


Wrapped in spring blossoms, the Livlev canopy is a celebration of subtle colour and new beginnings. R3850.00

Additional Costs

Delivery (both ways) and installation fee: R830.00
White runner: R550.00


Thank you so much for the most magnificent chupah under which Craig & I spent our first minutes of beinig a married couple. As the chuppah is supposed to resemble our ‘home’, Craig and I could not have chosen a more beautiful, spiritual, bright way to start our marriage.

Kussel-Levy Wedding

Thank you for making our wedding day extra special with your magnificent Chuppah and your professional ways! Both Neil and I were delighted and would highly recommend an Aliyah Chuppah.

Kussel-Levy Wedding

It was a dream of a day! I wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for my magnificent Chuppah area! When I walked in I physically gasped and started crying! It was all just perfect and magnificent in every single way.


Just want to say thanks so much for the beautiful Chuppah and for organising everything!
I was so happy with how it came out and we took some beautiful photos with it lit up afterwards!


Hi Lex, just wanted to say thanks so much for the chuppah on Sunday! It looked beautiful and we received so many compliments!


Thank you for making the most wxquisite Chuppah for us!It was my drea come true!

Kim Kantor

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